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Railfuture, ‘Railwatch’ magazine, December 2022

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Railway Performance Society, ‘Milepost’, January 2023

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The Railway Club Directory lists all Traditional Railway Societies (125 entries in total). For ease of locating and reading, we have divided these into 5 categories  plus rail user groups:


(1) National railway societies and clubs

(2) Specialised national railway societies

(3) Historical railway societies

(4) Local railway clubs

(5) UK based international railway societies


We also list Rail User Groups that are affiliated with Railfuture (75 in total). 

This section of the Directory includes a page dedicated to each society, with key information about each, including what it does, what benefits it offers, membership fees and, of course, how to join.

It also includes a comprehensive monthly posting of all meetings and events that are organised by the local railway societies in the current month:


And also listings or links to the meetings and events of the listed national railway societies:

The UK's railway societies have much to offer, with many issuing high quality magazines and organising a frequent programme of illustrated talks and presentations.  Look to the left side of this page , and see some of the curent magazines issed by Traditional Railway Societies.

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