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Heritage Railways (Railway Heritage)

This section might be better described as 'Railway Heritage' as it covers many aspects of railway heritage, not just Heritage Railways (although that comprises its largest segment). 

The primary focus of the Railway Club Directory is with railway societies, which in the context of heritage railways, railway museums and railway centres, means their associated support groups. An adequate description of a support group is of course impossible without details of the operation it is supporting. Accordingly this section contains considerable detail of each heritage railway/ museum/ centre covered, with details of the relevant support group then provided within that particular entry.  

This aspect of the Directory has 4 sections, the first two dealing with Heritage Railways, divided between Part 1 (Standard Gauge Heritage Railways) and Part 2 (Narrow Gauge Railways). 

This Part 1 contains the most detailed collective description of every standard gauge heritage railway that exists on the internet or indeed anywhere today. This part is itself divided into two sections, (i) Standard Gauge Heritage Railways with services running between two or more destinations with timetabled operations, and (ii) Other Heritage Railways of more limited scope, where summarised information is provided.


Part 2 contains summarised information on each Narrow Gauge Railway. Note that miniature railways (gauge of 10 inches or less) operated by a Model Engineering Society may be found under the separate section 'Model Engineering Clubs'. Otherwise miniature railways are not listed, nor private railways not frequently open to the public, garden, harbour, cliff-top, seaside/beach/pier railways, or railways within public parks, or railways which are accessed through other venues such as country houses, adventure/activity centres or museums, or which are in essence ancillary to other attractions.  



Part 3 contains summarised information on ‘Heritage Railway Centres’ and ‘Heritage Railway Museums’, with links to respective websites.

Part 4 contains summarised information on 'Railway Infrastructure', mostly signal boxes and viaducts, and is in the process of preparation.


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