The essential aspects of each railway society, club and user group listed in the Railway Club Directory can be found from this page.


For ease of location, we have divided all railway societies, clubs and user groups into six categories as below:

(1) National railway societies and clubs

(seven in total)

(2) Specialised national railway societies

(eighteen in total)

(3) Historical railway societies

(twenty-eight in total)

(4) Local railway clubs

(sixty three in total)

(5) UK based international railway societies

(nine in total)

(6) Rail user groups

These can be found by clicking the relevant icon on the right-hand side of this page (or below the picture, if you're using a smartphone).

We believe sections 1 to 5 of the Directory is a complete list of all railway societies and clubs that exist in the UK that come within the RCD's ambit.


If a club is not listed it is probably outside the RCD's parameters (see home page for these parameters). If, however, you are associated with a club that is not listed here but you think should be, please email us (see 'Contacts' page), and let us know about your club!   

Note that entries in the RCD assume 'normal circumstances' relating to the listed clubs. Covid related restrictions or changes are regarded as both temporary and fluid, and are therefore disregarded.