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The Railway and Canal Historical Society

About the Society


The Railway & Canal Historical Society is a national body relating to the history of transport in Britain from pre-Roman times to the present day. 

Despite its name, the Society is not just interested in railways and canals, but in all principal means of transport including tramroads, roads, aviation, inland waterways, coastal shipping, ports and pipelines. However, railways comprise the single largest area of interest.

Benefits of Membership

  • Society that is dedicated to research of study of transport in the UK with emphasis on railways and canals.

  • Magazine, the ‘Journal’, issued three times per year

  • Newsletter, the ‘Bulletin’, issued 6 times per year

  • National society, with six regional groups, East Midlands (Beeston, Nottinghamshire), London, North East (York), North West (Manchester), South West and West Midlands (Birmingham)

  • Extensive ‘presentation style’ meetings on railway themes held at regional group level (typically monthly per branch)

  • Two national Zoom meetings

  • Frequent walking events organised at regional level

  • Active book publishing programme seeking to publish well-researched serious works

  • Maintains a 'Members’ Expertise Register', as part of a membership support system for research work purposes







Membership Fee

Individual: £25

Joint: £30

Postgraduate Students: Nil to £7

(plus £6 for posted editions of the ‘Bulletin’ if required).


How to Join

Join via the Society’s website. You can use the following link:

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