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Rail Riders Club

About the Club

Rail Riders Club is in essence a renewal of Rail Riders which was operated by British Rail from 1981 to 1991, although today's version is not affiliated with any railway operating company.

The reconstituted Rail Riders is open to all ages. It issues a quarterly magazine and gives members discount vouchers for rail travel. The scope of discounts has widened including outlets such as discounts at model shops, book shops and at railway related outlets of various types.  Rail Riders also organises visits to railway facilities, such as depots and industrial railway complexes. 

Benefits of Membership

Members receive:

  • £15 worth of National Rail Travel Vouchers (£25 for family memberships)

  • four issues of 'Rail Riders Express' magazine per year

  • Official Club Handbook & Voucher Book plus Club pen and badge

  • a membership card that gives discounts at 75 railways and museums and over 62 railway themed businesses

  • access to one-off discounts at exhibitions and events, plus members only merchandise

  • participate in ‘members’ only’ visits to a number of railway facilities per year









Membership Fee

Individual: £35

Family: £60

(see website for overseas rates)


How to Join

Join via the Club’s website. You can use the following link: Then choose the category of membership required.

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