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Historical Model Railway Society

About the Society

The Historical Model Railway Society records and preserves material on British railway history from the early 1800s up to the present day, and makes that material publicly available, in particular to modellers, researchers and students. The Society collaborates with railway line societies and public museums to further the growth of historical knowledge.

The Society has a number of operational ‘Area Groups’ in various parts of the UK which are a convenient way for members within the geographical locality to meet and work together.

Benefits of Membership

- Magazine, ‘The Journal’, issued three times per year

- Newsletter, ‘Points,’ issued six times a year

- 5 Area Groups (Bletchley, Bristol, Essex, London and Sussex)

- Monthly meetings held by ‘Area Group’ (featuring ‘presentation style’ meetings on railway themes)

- Own Museum and Study Centre (Swanwick Junction, near Butterley) with extensive library and archive

- Operates ‘steward’ system, where knowledgeable members act as stewards in respect of specialised railway subjects



Email: Use contact box on website

Membership Fee

Full: £30

Part Year (if join 1st July to 31st October): £16

Member & Partner (same address): £38

Under 25 Student: £13

Associate (Under 18): £7


How to Join:

Join via the Society’s website. You can use the following link:

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