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Electric Railway Society

About the Society


The Electric Railway Society was established in 1946 as a society dedicated to promoting interest in, and the study of, all aspects of electric railways both in the UK and overseas.

Significant aspects of the Society changed in 2014 when:

(i) publication of the ‘Journal’ ceased, replaced by a website;

(ii)  members were no longer subject to a subscription fee, and became in effect ‘supporters’ of the Society;

(iii) its own regular meeting programme, was replaced by joint arrangements made with the Light Rail Transit Association and the Tramway and Light Railway Association.

Benefits of ‘Membership’

  • The Society does not have a formal membership as such, and accordingly no payment in the form of a subscription fee is necessary.

  • The Society sponsors an annual meeting usually held in conjunction with the Light Rail Transit Association, typically held at Keen House, Calshot Street, London, N1 9DA.

  • Information on electric railways provided on its website, publicly accessible.

  • Access to back issues of the ‘Journal’.






Membership Fee

There is no annual membership fee.

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