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Cumbrian Railways Association

About the Association


The Cumbrian Railways Association aims to foster interest in the railways of Cumbria. It aims to draw together the work of those actively researching Cumbrian railway history, to encourage and co-ordinate their activities, and to provide a medium for publication of the results of their research, and to record as much as possible of what remains of the Cumbrian railway system.

The Association issues periodically an historical magazine and holds two full day meetings for members each year.

Benefits of Membership

  • Membership of a society that is dedicated to the railways of Cumbria and seeks to further understanding of them through its activities and publications

  • Magazine, 'Cumbrian Railways', issued quarterly

  • Newsletter ‘Lakes Express’, issued quarterly

  • Spring and Autumn conferences

  • Access to archive

  • Access to on-line forum

  • Modelling aspect





Membership Fee

Adult: £25

Student: £15


How to Join:

Join via the Association’s website. You can use the following link:

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