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Broad Gauge Society

About the Society


The Broad Gauge Society promotes research into the 7ft 0¼ gauge railways of Britain covering all aspects of broad gauge railway operation including historical research, industrial archaeology, modelling and model engineering.

The broad gauge of the Great Western Railway played an important part in the history of railways in Britain, devised by Isambard Kingdom Brunel in the 1830’s and lasting over fifty year until 1892. The Society is the only known group that is entirely dedicated to Brunel ‘s broad gauge.

Benefits of Membership

  • Specialist society relating to broad gauge railways in the UK

  • Magazine, ‘Broadsheet’, issued twice per year

  • Newsletter issued six times a year

  • Annual field trip to location with a broad gauge relevance

  • Keen interest in modelling, with own bi-annual ‘Members’ Day’ model exhibition

  • Online forum






Membership Fee

£25 (plus £5 for new members Welcome Pack)

How to Join:

By post.

Send an email to the Membership Secretary of the Society at with full name and postal address, and ask for membership details and an application form. Return completed form by post.

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