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Branch Line Society

About the Society


The Branch Line Society is a national organisation which studies railway infrastructure and the history of railway networks, and publishes rail related news and articles through its regular journals.

The distinguishing features of the Society are its emphasis on the organisation of railway tours, often unique in character, and the nature and manner of its news service (fortnightly issuance of its newsletters, Branch Line News and BLN International).

Benefits of Membership:

  • Participate in up to 50 trips and events organised per year

  • Priority information and booking preferences in respect trips and events, and lower fares.

  • ‘Branch Line News’ publication covering the UK, issued fortnightly

  • ‘BLN International’ newsletter, covering the rest of the world, issued fortnightly

  • Access to online forum and archive







Membership Fee

Printed version newsletters: £45

BLN domestic news only: £40.50

Digital (not printed) versions of newsletters: £12


How to Join

Join via the Society’s website. You can use the following link:

The membership secretary can be contacted generally at ‘’.

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