The Railway Club Directory (referred to as the 'RCD') promotes the interests of:

(1) National railway societies and clubs

(2) Specialised national railway societies

(3) Historical railway (and county) societies

(4) Local railway clubs

(5) UK based international railway societies


The RCD covers all such societies and clubs that we believe exist, numbering around 130 in total. These range from national societies with dozens of branches throughout the country, to small local village clubs.


The RCD is dedicated solely to railway societies and clubs of the type categorised above. Other types of railway related organisations are not included, in particular:

(i) the heritage railway sector, including heritage railway operators and their support groups;

(ii) railway museums and their support groups;

(iii) organisations concerned primarily with preservation or restoration;

(iv) pure model railway clubs (although hybrid clubs are included)

(v) locomotive and engineering clubs;

(vi) websites and web-based groups without material physical aspects.  


The Directory comprises:

1. A categorised list of all such clubs and societies;

2. A page dedicated to each club/ society, containing pertinent information about the club, including what it does, what benefits it offers, membership fees and, of course, how to join;

3. A comprehensive 'weekly posting' of all meetings and events that are organised by each club in the immediately following week (typically 40 to 50 events each week).


The UK's railway societies and clubs have much to offer, with many issuing high quality magazines and organising a frequent programme of illustrated talks and presentations. The RCD website is a one-stop place to find details of all societies and clubs. 

Our sole aim is to encourage membership of railway societies and clubs. Each club entry has a  direct link to the membership page of that club's website (where it has one).


If you don't use it, you lose it. Our railway clubs need your support to thrive and survive. Many clubs cost as little as £10 to £20 per year to join, an extraordinary bargain. Why not enjoy the benefits.




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