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Inter City Rail Society

About the Society


The Inter City Railway Society aims to promote the interests of railway enthusiasts, especially in the current railway scene, primarily through the issue of its own regular magazine, TRACKS' visits to rail facilities around the country, its website full of current information and articles, and providing a series of railway-based publications.

The Society is particularly attractive to locomotive/traction spotters as its magazine TRACKS contains a wealth of up-to-date stock/movement information and photography.  It also organises a number of rail tours.

Cost of membership has significantly reduced as a result of TRACKS becoming wholly digital. The resultant cost saving has enabled a membership fee of just £12 per year.

Benefits of Membership

  • Society with emphasis on the current railway scene and locomotive/traction spotting

  • Magazine, ‘TRACKS,’ issued 11 times per year (containing 80 pages of topical news and wealth of colour photography)

  • Organises frequent visits to railway facilities and events

  • Publishes series of comprehensive quality locomotive/traction spotting books

  • Particularly active on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr








Membership Fee

Individual: £12

Added family member: £5

Junior (10 to 16): £5


How to Join

Join via the Society’s website. You can use the following link:

The membership secretary can be contacted generally at ‘’

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